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3 Keys To Finding Your Dream Woman 

Dating Advice - How to get the best out of Online Dating

Millions of people are finding true love using online dating sites. The days of courting or meeting someone in a pub, or getting a date with someone you know at work are gone. The Internet has changed all that, and there are simply thousands of dating sites to choose from. So which is the best?

To make life easier for you, and to give you a better chance in the dating game, you can rest assured that all the sites featured on this site are either managed by The Flirt Group or assessed and endorsed by us.

  How do you know which is the best Dating Site?

Well done. You will probably have joined a site for Free. Don't be under any illusion that you will be able to search, chat, mingle and communicate with other members for free. Almost all sites will charge you a fee in order to use the facilities that complete the online dating cycle. Dating sites are businesses, and any that claim to give you a good service 100% free may not give very good results. You get what you pay for.

The only exceptions are Plenty of Fish ( who claim that despite being free they achieve lots of good matches, or some "adult" sites who give females full membership for free, as a way to propagate the site with females in order to encourage the men (the chasers) to pay for the honour.

  You've joined a Dating Site - what next?

Get busy, don't waste time. Make your efforts and expenditure work hard for you. Get a good photo, or even better, a video - and really sell yourself (without coming over as too cocky). Write a good profile, and make it as full as you can. Tell other members in what you write, exactly what you are like. Short, insignificant profile descriptions get overlooked. Think of a good hook line, and grab someone's attention from the start - but never tell lies, or you'll never get online dating to work for you.

Keep busy. Check the dating site at least once a day, more often if you can. Use all the tools you can, like introductions, ice-breakers and winks to advertise yourself. Respond to all the messages that show an interest in you. But don' home in on just one - hedge your bets and, in the early stages, play the field. Some will drop off, or meet someone else.

Remember what you say to other members. make notes so you don't forget. Everyone likes to feel that what they have told you is remembered. It helps you to keep continuity with your conversations.

Don't go in like a "Bull at a gate". Some people claim they are in love after just a few messages and seeing a photo. It's not possible, so don't pretend it has happened to you just to impress someone. If you want a real relationship go for someone local where a chance exists for you both to meet.

Once you have arranged to meet on your first date, your online experience has ended and you are now entering a real relationship where the possibilities are endless.

  Dating Scams - how to spot them

Online Dating Scams - dating advice for UK consumers.

Online dating scammers are not out to steal your heart. They exist only to steal your cash. Every year UK Police investigate thousands of cases where fraudsters have tricked money out of unsuspecting victims on internet dating sites - sometimes thousands of pounds. Scamming on dating sites is a big business mainly being run from low-esteem countries like Africa and old Eastern Block countries. Don't become a victim and don't make it easy for them to continue this evil trade.

Scammers can sign up to online dating agencies or chat rooms just like anyone else. Most online dating sites allow people to join for free and some do not, or cannot screen members adequately. Scammers take advantage of the anonymity of the internet to create a 'perfect profile', making any number of promises to tempt victims to letting their defences down. Sweet talking, fake photos and fake profiles can exist, making your dating dream partner seem too good to be true - they probably are.

How Do I Know If It's A Scam?
The scammer will ask you for money. This will not happen immediately, however before long the scammer will ask for financial help for any number of reasons. Almost always they will ask you to send money using an untraceable source such as electronic money transfer services (even using legitimate services, such as Western Union or Moneygram). They may ask you to send funds to the account of a third party who may be described as a work colleague or administrator. Very often the third party is often a victim themselves who is being used to launder money on behalf of the scammer.

Some of the most common reasons they give for why they need your help include : -
"I want to meet you, but I don't have enough money to travel to see you."
"I have been robbed and beaten, I require urgent surgery or treatment for a serious illness; or myself or my family member has been a victim of a serious or fatal accident and you are the only person who can help."
"I am stranded abroad and I don't have money for travel or visa costs."
"I am a US or UK serviceman serving in Iraq or Afghanistan. I need to buy myself out to come to see you."
"My money is tied up in shares or investments."
"I am in the process of selling my gold mine, oil company or other valuable asset."

Other tell-tale signs are :-
Your new date looks like a model - this is probably because the scammer has used a stolen or magazine picture.

Your new date only gives you a post office address or phone number which he or she never answers and which does not have voicemail, or they tell you they can only receive text messages.

Your date talks a lot about herself or himself and does not answer your questions - probably because they are sending standard emails to hundreds of other people at the same time.

What can I do to protect myself?
Only use a reputable online dating site and follow the basic safety tips for online dating :-
Be sensible and sceptical and ask yourself simple questions like: "Why am I the only person who can help them when I have only just met them?"
Test your date - ask them lots of questions, try to phone them or post them something, or possibly suggest meeting them. If all attempts fail, you are probably dealing with a scammer.

Most important of all is to NEVER part with any of your hard earned money. If you had met this person face-to-face rather than over the internet, do you think you would give them your money if they asked you for it? Why give it to someone you have never met and who is clearly defrauding you, however much they play on your heart strings?

What can I do if I have already lost money?
If you have already sent money there is little chance of you ever recovering it from them. However what you can do is :- Report the scam to the dating site or chat room where you met the person. They should take immediate action. Flirt Group dating sites take the issue of scamming very seriously and it's a problem we want to eradicate. If scamming continues to proliferate then we'd be out of business, so please report scammers to us as soon as you suspect something. They won't know you have reported them and we can check them out and delete them. Together we can make online dating safer and more enjoyable.

Contact Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040 for advice and to report the matter

Contact Consumer Direct on 08454 04 05 06 for advice and to report the matter


Important : The majority of Dating Sites listed here are owned and run by the Flirt Group. Other dating sites featured on the Flirt Group website are listed free of charge. Some may pay us a small commission. This does not affect the fact that we endorse them and suggest a particular dating site for you.

if you have an online dating site you'd like us to review, please email us with the details.

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