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    3 Mistakes that could destroy your Online Dating success

A misleading story in your photo
Posting a couple of pictures of just you, by yourself may look good, but it may be the wrong approach if you want to have online dating success. Your photos are an opportunity to tell a visual story about who you are. Take advantage by presenting a visual slideshow that jumps off the page and makes people instantly take notice.

Use pictures that paint a picture. Include yourself in Animal photos, Holiday and Travel pictures, Adventure pictures, Family pictures, Photos with friends or Humorous pictures. Include specific photos if you want to find someone with a shared interest - ie. running, cycling, travelling etc.

Poor profile
Don't write a profile that has nothing unique, fun or exciting. Try to stand out from the crowd. Make it read openly - like a conversational, give it a personality, avoid cliches, use positive words, and add a splash of humour.

Generic emails
Always think about the market you are entering - the highest quality singles receive a lot of emails. So you must make them take notice, so generic email writing will simply be a waste of time.

Your emails should not try to flatter a man or women into liking you. You should aim to ignite immediate interest. Humour or something off-the-wall helps. When you make someone laugh with your emails, they respond. Think broadly - what will make her/him sit up and take notice. A playful comment, followed by an easy to answer the question will put you leaps and bounds above your competition towards getting noticed.

    Countdown to Valentines Day 30th January 2107

February 14th - a great date for those of us lucky enough to be happily in a relationship.

Not so great for people who are on their own.
When love is in the air, you're on the sofa, alone and flicking through the TV channels.

It doesn't have to be like this. Maybe your problem is lacking in confidence when it comes to making that move with the opposite sex? Our advice is - turn off the TV and start to surf on your phone or laptop for UK Dating Sites. Just throw caution to the wind and join one, or two maybe. Most are free to join and if you don't get on with them just forget it and close your account.

Online dating is great for those of us who lack confidence, and doing it online, privately, anonymously and quietly gives you a fighting chance and is more exciting and personal than rubbish TV. Make the change now before Saint Valentine sprinkles his passion for romance around. Meet someone online now and by the 14th February you might hear someone say to you "Be MY Valentine"




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  Countdown to Valentines Day
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